You can download the Android version here:

PC version version is way easier than the mobile version, so if you like the game please download the Android version. Also, we would be really gratefull if you make a gameplay / lelt´s play video of the game. Thanks a lot!

The Squid Test is designed to put your skills to the limits and measure your reaction time, patience and concentration. The longer you survive the better your score will be, so try to reach your limits! But we have to warn you, this test looks easy but is really really hard. Only 1% of the gamers are capable to pass the test, so don´t get frustrated if you don´t finish it. Also, the squid´s appearance will change depending on your grade. Be brave, be patient and good luck!


-Press the left click to make the squid go up and release to the squid go down.

-Press space to change the squid´s color. If the squid has the same color as an obstacle he can pass through it without dying.


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I did a only a 5%, so it´s really hard, but also very adictive.